Health and Wellness Tourism

cover-health-wellness-tourismResearch on Preventive Wellness in the Netherlands, Lombarts, A. en Vork, J. in Smith, M. and Puczko, L. Health Tourism and Hospitality, Wellness, Spas and Medical Travel, 2nd Edition (chapter 39) Routledge.

The second edition of “Health, Tourism and Hospitality: Spas, Wellness and Medical Travel” takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at the growing health, wellness and medical tourism sectors in a global context. The book analyses the history and development of the industries, the way in which they are managed and organised, the expanding range of new and innovative products and trends, and the marketing of destinations, products and services.

The 2nd Edition has been updated to include:

  •  Expanded coverage of the hospitality sector with a focus on spa management.
  •  New content on medical tourism.
  •  Updated content to reflect recent issues and trends including: ageing population, governments encouraging preventative health, consumer use of contemporary and alternative therapies, self-help market, impacts of economic recession, spa management and customer loyalty.
  •  New case studies taken from a range of different countries and contexts, and focusing on established or new destinations, products and services such as: conventional medicine, complementary and alternative therapies, lifestyle-based wellness, beauty and cosmetics, healthy nutrition, longevity and anti –ageing.